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[casi-analysis] Thanks

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My thanks and gratitude to all at CASI and to the contributors for the
recent mailings.

Mark Parkinsons two news items were sad but welcome. Infant mortality
was at the heart of the old CASI campaigning it is really dreadful that
the infant malnutrition is almost double to that of prewar levels.

Something can be done about that, inspite of the military campaigns
against 'insurgents'.

The newslist for the 21st November were four excellent articles, giving
us a true picture of Iraq today, politically, militarily and in other
ways. The Newstatesman article is golddust. Absolutely invaluable.

I remember Mr Blair stating over and over again when questioned on the
legitmacy of the war in Iraq, saying that he sought advice from the AG
who said that the war was legal.

the independence of the British judiciary must be questioned rigorously.
The degree of impartiality of the judiciary is of course a fundamentaly
guarantor of the excesses of the Executive power.

The pressure put on the AG was undue.

I am just about to read Dirk Adriansen's article.

It has been well worth the two or more hours of effort that I put into
reading the articles.

We can't always rely on the Media to bring the truth to us.

I am grateful that CASI is continuing the honourable and worthy work
done for so many years.

We mustn't underestimate how important that is.

Best wishes


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