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[casi-analysis] International Day of Action Against Depleted Uranium

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 For The Third International Day of Action Against Uranium weapons, the Iraq Solidarity Campaign 
and the Campaign Against Depleted Uranium presents

 Iraq and Depleted Uranium:
        A Devastatingn Legacy

A public meeting with

Chair: Hussein Al-Alak, Iraqi Solidarity Campaign

Joanne Baker, Child Victims of War, will be talking about her recent  experiences in Iraq

Felicity Arbuthnot, senior Iraq researcher for John Pilger’s award winning documentary: "Paying the 
Price - Killing the Children of Iraq” will share her knowledge of DU effects in Iraq gathered from 
over 30 trips to the country  (to be confirmed)

Camille Warren, CADU, will be talking about the struggle to ban depleted  uranium weapons

Wednesday 3rd November 2004, Cross Street Chapel (Opposite to St Anne’s Street, Manchester City 
Centre) Time: 7-30pm

On the Day of Action 6th November the Iraqi Solidarity Campaign and
CADU  will be organising stalls and awareness raising actions in Manchester City  Centre. If you 
would like to become involved or find out more about the  actions that will taking place all over 
the world please contact:

The Iraqi Soldarity Campaign on 0161 882 0188 or,
The Campaign Against Depleted Uranium on 0161 273 8293 or

The Iraq Solidarity Campaign

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