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Re: [casi-analysis] rewriting history

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Dear Mark and all

> Obviously the real reasons for the detroyed
> infrastructure would lay the US and UK open to a massive reparation
> bill. In my view, any reasonable redevelopment in Iraq needs this
> (and getting rid of the occupation). Otherwise, Iraqis will not get
> back to their 1990 standard of living in our lifetimes.
> Perhaps we could consider refocussing and campaigning? eg become
> CORFI: Campaign on Reparations for Iraq
> or CAFRI Campaign for Reparations for Iraq?

I have been having exactly the same thought. The demand for reparations to
be paid to Iraq is the only one I can think of that raises the whole issue
of the crime that has been committed against Iraq - not just the war and its
aftermath - and confronts the argument that we shouldn't have gone to war
because sanctions were working. It is also the demand that could activate
the existing material that is currently languishing on the CASI website. The
only problem is of course that at present 'Iraq' doesn't exist. Such a
campaign presupposes an Iraqi state that is genuinely representative (in
whatever way) of the Iraqi people, an outgrowth of their own history and
tradition. Do we think such a thing migh emerge after January (we can assume
that the present 'Iraqi' government will do everything in its power to
prevent it).

All the best


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