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[casi-analysis] Iraq Solidarity Campaign - supporting the people of Iraq!

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Founded in 1997 as the Coalition Against Sanctions and War on Iraq and transformed in 2003 into the 
Iraq Solidarity Campaign (UK), for the past seven years we have worked tirelessly to assist the 
Iraqi people in their struggle for self-determination.

First established to oppose the United Nations imposed sanctions, which killed an estimated 1.5 
million Iraqi children under the age of five, our organisation has been at the centre of organising 
many protests, sanction-busting activities, conferences and meetings to highlight the plight of the 
Iraqi people.

During the 2003 war and invasion of Iraq, our members actively took part in all the demonstrations 
across the United Kingdom, to oppose the actions of the Blair led Labour Government. We worked with 
various media agencies to respond to the allegations made by the British Prime Minister, we also 
publicised the financial cost of the war to the British people and also informed the general public 
of the situation that the people in Iraq faced, whilst being under siege.

Throughout this period, we also worked closely with our members and supporters in the Iraqi 
community: who informed us of the situations that their friends and families faced back home. We 
also kept in regular contact with our supporters inside of Baghdad.

At the end of the war and the beginning of the occupation, with sanctions having come to an end, 
the members of the Coalition Against Sanctions and War on Iraq agreed, that whilst Iraq was under 
occupation and human rights continue to be violated, the solidarity of the British people is needed 
more than ever!

Today, the Iraq Solidarity Campaign (UK), is continuing itís long tradition of building practical 
support with the people of Iraq, by calling on the people of Britain to support the following 

1) A full withdrawal of British Troops from Iraq!

2) The support and strengthening of democratic bodies - that seek to build a future, that is

all- inclusive and representative of the aspirations of the people in Iraq!

3) The Right for the Iraqi people to determine their own economic and political future!

4) The right for ethnic and religious minorities to live free from persecution and interference!

As an organisation, we believe that only the people of Iraq can shape their own futures but they 
also need our assistance to make their dreams of stability and peace, into a living reality.

Mr. Hussein Al-alak.


The Iraq Solidarity Campaign (UK).


Get Involved! Stay Informed!

Branch Meetings!

The Iraq Solidarity Campaign meets on the:

3rd Wednesday of every month,

Venue: the Friends Meeting House, Mount Street, Manchester City Centre (behind the main Central 
Reference Library).

Time: 7-30pm.


Solidarity Online!

You can also check out the Iraq Solidarity Campaign (UK) on the web:

Subscribe to our e-list:

Contact the Campaign directly:

or contact us at the below address/telephone numberís:

Iraq Solidarity Campaign (UK)

c/o Bridge 5 Mill, 22a Beswick Street, Ancoats, Manchester, M4 7HR, The UK

for more information please call: 0161 882 0188 / 07946 783 801


Like all campaign groups, the ISC is a not-for profit organisation that relyís upon your donations. 
If you wish to support our work and feel that you donít have the time to be an active member, then 
please send a donation - EVERY PENNY COUNTS!

Cheques/Postal Orders payable to "GMCAWSI" and send to the above address.

The Iraq Solidarity Campaign

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