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[casi-analysis] Seminar ESF London

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Seminar & Discussion
Arabic, English, Turkish


Saturday, October 16th, 2004
9:00 - 11:00

Alexander Palace
Venue: Cairo

The World Tribunal On Iraq (WTI) is a worldwide peoples' initiative born out of the global outcry 
against the war in Iraq, the scope and diversity of which was based on the general understanding 
that the violence contemplated against the people of Iraq represented a much broader claim to right 
to violence, a claim to power and hegemony than the specific. Thus, the WTI taking its cue from the 
Russell Tribunals of the late 1960s, has made it a priority to address all that is necessary to act 
against "the crimes of silence" of our day, to write counter-history and to strengthen the global 
anti-war mobilisation by exposing and challenging the injustices committed against the people of 
Iraq and the world public at large, by raising a demand for justice, by reclaiming law.

Operating as a horizontal network and making a conscious effort to be inclusive and reach out to 
people, groups and movements worldwide, the WTI has been holding sessions in various countries 
around the world and building towards its "culminating" session in end March,2005, in Istanbul.

As we approach the point of culmination in March 2005, this seminar at the ESF will focus on the 
construction of a worldwide campaign around the WTI, on the basis of basic understanding and 
evaluation of what it is that constitutes and inspires the WTI.

The seminar, starting out with a brief introduction on what the WTI is, will be divided into two 
parts. The first part will include :
-- short presentations taking stock of the rich variety of experiences and visions that are the WTI,
-- provide a brief and frank overview of the potentials & problematics of the WTI in terms of its 
power, aims and credibility.
At the end of this part which we hope will provide an overall presentation of what the WTI stands 
and aims for, discussion will be open to floor.

The second part of the seminar will be devoted to presentations and floor-discussion on how the WTI 
will realise these aims and visions. This would involve the "what"s and "how"s of the campaigns 
that need to be /can be organised around the WTI, actions being taken by the WTI, strategies to 
increase the impact of the WTI and help it use its full potential.

And we will end with presentations on why and how the WTI provides hope... Hope both in terms of 
the current context and in terms of future struggles and aspirations...


Abdul Ilah Al Bayaty (Iraq - France)
Ghazwan Al Mukhtar (Iraq - Baghdad)

Mundher Al Adhami (Iraq - UK)

Basak Ertur (WTI - New York)
Jayan Nayar (WTI - Italy, Peoples' Law Programme Lelio Basso International Foundation)
Asad Farooq (Chasma Struggles - Lok Sath Pakistan)
Ayse Berktay (WTI - Turkey)
Dirk Adriaensens (BRussells Tribunal)
Jan Lonn (WTI - Stockholm)

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