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[casi-analysis] The Iraq Solidarity Campaign UK Condemns the Killing of Kenneth Bigley.

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The Iraq Solidarity Campaign (UK)

c/o Bridge 5 Mill, 22a beswick Street, Ancoats, Manchester, M4 7HR.

The Iraq Solidarity Campaign UK Condemns the Killing of Kenneth Bigley.

The Iraq Solidarity Campaign (UK), is saddened and disgusted to hear that Mr. Kenneth Bigley has 
been killed at the hands of his captors.

Mr. Bigley, whom was kidnapped three weeks ago by the Jordanian Al-Zarqawi and his organisation in 
Baghdad, was being detained under the condition that Iraqi women prisoners were released by the US 
and UK authorities.

It has been reported that through video-footage, that was sent to Abu Dhabi TV, Kenneth Bigley was 
reported to have been kneeling in front of masked gunmen. It was reported that "one of the gunmen, 
speaking in Arabic, declared that Mr. Bigley would be slain because his government refused to 
release the women prisoners" - two of whom have become known to the world as "Chemical Sally" and 
"Mrs. Anthrax".

After many appeals for Mr. Bigleys release by organisations, leaders, Mr. Bigley’s family and by 
noted Arab leaders like Palestine’s Yasser Arafat and Libya’s Colonel Gadaffi, Mr. Al-Zarqawi still 
went on and executed his prisoner.

The Iraq Solidarity Campaign (UK), along with Iraqi’s and other Iraqi organisations is sickened by 
the latest actions of the Al-Zarqawi organisation, as we feel that Mr. Al-Zarqawi is using the 
current political situation inside of Iraq, to justify carrying out of such brutal acts.

We would like to send our deepest thoughts, prayers and sympathy to Mr. Bigley’s family and friends 
in their time of grief and mourning.

with the warmest regards at this sad time,

Mr. Hussein Al-alak


The Iraq Solidarity Campaign (UK)

The Iraq Solidarity Campaign

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