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[casi-analysis] Free Kenneth Bigley

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The Iraq Solidarity Campaign (UK)
c/o Bridge 5 Mill, 22a Beswick Street,
Ancoats, Manchester, M4 7HR.

Iraq Solidarity Campaign (UK) calls on Mr. Al-Zarqawi to free Kenneth Bigley

In response to the recent video broadcast of Kenneth Bigley, who is still being held hostage two 
weeks after his kidnapping by the Al-Zarqawi organisation in Iraq, the Iraq Solidarity Campaign 
(UK) is calling on Mr. Al-Zarqawi to release Mr. Bigley unharmed.

Mr. Bigley, in the broadcast stated: "My life is cheap. He (Tony Blair) doesn't care about me...Mr. 
Blair says he won't negotiate with terrorists." The British Prime Minister has called on Mr. 
Al-Zarqawi to contact the British government directly.

The reasons for Mr. Bigley's detainment is because his captors are calling for the release of Iraqi 
women who are being held by the American forces because of possible high level connections to 
Saddam Hussain's now deposed Al-Ba'ath Party.

There is a wide range of condemnation to the kidnapping of Kenneth Bigley by Al-Zarqawi, from 
Iraqi's and Iraqi organisations, inside and outside of the country, who feel that the actions by 
the Jordanian, only serve to increase the growing social problems that have been brought about by 
the invasion and current occupation.

Many Iraqi's feel that their efforts at establishing an independent Iraq, a country which is 
governed free from outside interference, is being high jacked by out side organisations who are 
coming into Iraq and are claiming to act on behalf of the Iraqi people.

For every Iraqi who has suffered as a consequence of Al-Ba'ath Party policy, UN imposed sanctions, 
war, Depleted Uranium and the current occupation, the tragedies that have befallen the people of 
Iraq can and must be resolved by those whom the tragedies have struck.

It is not the job of out side organisations to march into Iraq, kidnap civilians and aid workers 
and make demands on the British or Americans, just like it was not the job of Mr. Bush and Mr. 
Blair to march into Iraq and "liberate" the people in the very first place - under the false 
pretext of weapons of mass destruction.

As Iraqi's, we know the injustice that has been struck against Iraq. We know the histories of 
Saddam Hussain and Tariq Azziz. We know what it is like to have the bodies of our murdered comrades 
and relatives dug out graves and have our families separated.

We also know that the responsibility for the invasion and occupation, lies not with Kenneth Bigley, 
his family, the ordinary working people of the United Kingdom or the long suffering people of Iraq.

Mr. Al-Zarqawi, the responsibility lies with the British Prime Minister and the foreign policies of 
New Labour. This is why we ask of you, to release Mr. Kenneth Bigley unharmed.

Hussein Al-alak
The Iraq Solidarity Campaign (UK)

The Iraq Solidarity Campaign

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