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Fw: [casi-analysis] resistance [was: will there be elections in January?]

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Dear all,

I just read an interesting mail (to another list) from an Iraqi. I feel that
this mail can contribute to the (ongoing?) discussion about morality &
resistance, chaos, kidnappings, atrocities etc..

In solidarity.
Dirk Adriaensens.

All the Western media are concerned about the increasing violence in Iraq.
Kidnapping of Iraqi and foreign people, rape, burglaries, murders, car bombs
etc.. The media try to show Iraqis as violent, barbaric and inhumane people
without any mercy. In this matter I wish all those who will read the rest of
this article just to think a bit and then make their reflections. I am going
to ask all of you to imagine a similar scenario and take California as an
example: "Suppose tomorrow the US Federal Administration dismantle all the
security forces of the Calif. State from Police, Coast Guard, Frontier
posts, Courts, local and State Administrations, highway patrols, any other
government office, close all army and national guard encampments. Naturally
all the people concerned will be without any job and lose their salaries
etc., etc" WHAT WILL BE THE CONSEQUENCES? I leave that to your

On the 9th of April 2003, the US Administration in Iraq has done just that.
Iraq had no more police, army, judges, courts, ministeries(except the Oil
Ministry was guarded by the US army), frontiers left unguarded etc. The
number of people who found themselves without a job within 24 hours were
around 1.5 million(supporting 5 million of their families).
The number of unemployed during Saddam and due to the sanctions since 1990
was 25%-30% of the adult working force. In September 2003 under the US
Administration the unemployment figure rose to approx. 65%-70%. The porous
frontiers allowed all sorts of terrorists, bandits and criminals enter Iraq
with all their deadly equipments.

But the US idiotic policies didn't stop at that. They started to provide
contracts to all foreigners except Iraqis although those latter are more
qualified and much cheaper. Presently, the US pretend to form a viable
police force and army within a few months to be ready before the fatidical
date of elections, next January. As if industrial mass production could be
applied to human beings. Iraqis suffer since the invasion of their country
by the "LIBERATORS."
Today they pray that Saddam Hussain come back. After all, in their mind
Saddam is better of the two evils. What a waste.
The neocons believe that the US imperialistic designs should cover many
other areas in the World. Iraq has put an end to their illusions. Soon they
won't be able to rule their own country. They made too many errors of
judgements which alientated the rest of the World and an increasing number
of their own citizens.
The biggest mistake the US Administration has ever made was to listen to the
pretend-to-be knowledgeable Iraqi exiles and to the Zionist clique. The two
had nothing in mind but their own selfish interests. They found the newly
coming Bush Administration as an easy prey to pass their criminal schemes at
the expense of the American people. A people who are paying and will
continue to pay a high price for the erroneous policies implemented by a
greedy and immature Administration.

Q. Why the "So FREE"American media do not mention these facts? Instead put
the blame on a "fictitious" Zarquawi or some other Islamist!

P.S: I believe the scenario above regarding California would result in some
one million Californians dead, 90% of the well-off housing areas burgled,
95% of shops looted, 5 million of all nationalities enter the State,
millions of women raped and the mass departure of all the wealthy people.
All this would occur less than one year. Of course. I am trying to be
optimistic in evaluating the damage, both human and material.

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