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RE: [casi-analysis] US plans to attack water installations

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>Human Rights Watch, in Needless Deaths in the Gulf War, documents the bombing
of eight dams, repeatedly hit and heavily damaged, the bombing of four of
seven Iraq's water pumping stations, and 31 municipal water and sewage
facilities, see my book, Hidden Casualties.  Hardly a 'mistake'. I really
can't understand why this is in an issue and why you are critiquing Tom Nagy's
research at this stage, please explain, Philippa Winkler, Phd

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>Dear List Members,
>Hassan writes:
>> Even before the 1991 attacks, the US had planned to
>> attack water installations and plants (and had plans
>> for destroying dams), knowing their devastating
>> effects on the civilians.
>It would be interesting to know what, if any, evidence Hassan has to support
>this claim.
>> In 1991, the US intentionally destroyed water
>> purification plants and sewage treatment plants,
>> knowing that it was hurting the civilian population.
>Again, it would be interesting to see some evidence to support this claim.
>The DIA documents publicised by Tom Nagy do *not* establish this - as anyone
>who's read them will know. It *is* known that the US deliberately targeted
>elements of Iraq's electrical infrastructure in '91 - with horrifying and
>deadly consequences that persist to this day - but this is a quite different
>Best wishes,
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