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Re: [casi-analysis] supporting truth and the true friends of the Iraqi people, etc.

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Tom wrote:

> On the other hand the statement of the annonomous
"senior AF official" put on this list by one of the list's
prominent members is  contadicted even by the official AF
doctrine document: "Strategic Attack" 2-1.2. Dr. Hering
promised a reply several years ago. I believe Dr. Hering
owes us an apology or explanation.

I don't understand this comment. To assist those on the
list in understanding the views of their opponents, I
forwarded to the list comments by a former senior US Air
Force official. As I have stated repeatedly, my forwarding
of those views did not indicate my endorsement of them. I
did not promise a reply by the individual, nor was I in a
position to do so. I owe no-one an apology.

To reiterate one more time: my forwarding of material to
the list does NOT represent an endorsement of its contents.

Incidentally, my surname is Herring.

Best wishes


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