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[casi-analysis] Meeting with Tariq Ali, Jeremy Hardy, Haifa Zangana and Ewa Jasiewicz this Wednesday

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A public meeting with: Tariq Ali, Jeremy Hardy, Haifa Zangana, Ewa
Jasiewicz, plus UK Apache

7pm, Wednesday, 9th June
Mahatma Gandhi Room
Indian YMCA
41 Fitzroy Square, London WC1

Tariq Ali is a well-known writer, broadcaster and anti-war activist. His
most recent book is Bush in Babylon: the Recolonisation of Iraq (Verso).

Jeremy Hardy is a broadcaster, writer, satirist and activist. His recent
film, Jeremy Hardy v The Israeli Army (directed by Leila Sansour), was
described by the Daily Telegraph as “an urgent, revelatory work, an utterly
compelling paean to the idea of freedom itself.”

Haifa Zangana is an Iraqi-born novelist and artist. She is a former
political prisoner of the Ba'ath regime. Read her articles on the current
situation in Iraq is the Guardian:,2763,1189396,00.html

Ewa Jasiewicz  recently returned from eight months in Iraq. She lived in
Baghdad and Basra, supporting human rights groups, women’s organisations and
trade unionists.

Iraq Occupation Focus
Campaigning to end the occupation of Iraq
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