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[casi-analysis] US Treasury Department Prosecutes Americans For Taking Medicines to Iraq

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4 June 2004
Voices in the Wilderness UK
0845 458 2564 or 07952 354 722


Friday 4 June, Washington: Members of the US branch of Voices in the
Wilderness (VITW) will be appearing in a court in Washington DC later
today regarding civil fines imposed by the Treasury Department for
"bringing medicines to Iraq." The US Treasury Department is attempting
to collect $20,000 from VITW for breaking the sanctions against Iraq
during the '90s by taking medicines there without an export licence from
the US Government.

Comprehensive economic sanctions were imposed on Iraq in August 1990 and
were not lifted until May 2003 because of the US/UK veto. Hundreds of
thousands of Iraqi under-fives died as a result, in what Save the
Children Fund UK described as 'a silent war against Iraq's children.'
Today Iraqi children continue to die in occupied Iraq because of the
lack of clean drinking water.

VITW has sent over seventy delegations to Iraq since 1996 in deliberate
violation of UN economic sanctions and US law and its members have also
lived alongside ordinary Iraqis before, during and after the US

"There is another America, which is not reflected by the images of
and destruction that have come to symbolize the US presence in Iraq,
which was shown in some small way by our efforts and those of others
working against economic sanctions," says Kathy Kelly, co-founder of
Voices in the Wilderness and a former Nobel Peace prize nominee. "But
this administration is teaching a lesson hard to miss; help someone and
you will be prosecuted, punish them and its business as usual."

For documents regarding the case, please see

For more info. contact Gabriel on 07952 354 722
Emma Sangster

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