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[casi-analysis] IPO Report: Considerations for an Electoral System for Iraq's Transition Period

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Considerations for an Electoral System for Iraq's Transition Period, May 12,

After the signing of the Transitional Administrative Law on March 8, 2004,
Iraq is set to hold its first democratic elections after the fall of Saddam
Hussein's Ba'athist regime. The elections are due to be held before February
2005 and will choose the members of a National Assembly. The National
Assembly will be tasked with drafting the constitution as well as acting as
a transitional legislature.

An electoral law is due to be agreed upon by the Governing Council and
Coalition Provisional Authority before the handover on June 30. A
fundamental debate taking place is which electoral system will be deployed
within the law for the National Assembly elections.

The Iraqi Prospect Organization published a report in March 2004 that
outlined the various electoral systems and analysed their advantages and
disadvantages to Iraq's transition to democracy. The report, entitled
'Considerations for an Electoral System for Iraq's Transition Period', was
distributed to the Governing Council, Coalition Provisional Authority,
political leaders and academics, and published in al-Sabaah newspaper. This
has been followed up with consultations with prominent Iraqis and will
provide the basis of a follow-up report which the organization hopes to
publish by the end of May.

The initial report, accessible in both Arabic and English, is now available

Iraqi Prospect Organization:

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