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[casi-analysis] Call for your Iraq-related events

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Dear fellow anti-war / peace campaigner,

This is a last minute call for details of any upcoming Iraq-related events,
for listing in the Voices newsletter (which is being stuffed this coming
Friday evening). Please send details of any post- 11 May events to me at ASAP.

Also, please let us have a postal address if you would like to receive a
free copy of the newsletter (see below).

Best wishes,

voices in the wilderness uk

Campaigning in solidarity with the people of Iraq

We provide accurate and up-to-date information on:

- the effects of the illegal occupation on the Iraqi people
- the corporate invasion and privatisation of Iraq
- Iraq's new secret police (courtesy of the CIA)
- US/UK killings and detentions in Iraq
- the bogus US/UK plans to 'transfer sovereignty' to Iraqis
- the $150bn Iraqi debt rip-off
- the fight for compensation for those injured in the invasion and
- Iraq-related actions and events around the UK
- the latest books, films, speakers and campaign materials

"Consistent and inpiring ... [they] know what they're doing, do it well and
go the distance. They are people I admire tremendously" - Mark Thomas

Along with our sister group in the US we have been working on US/UK towards
Iraq since 1998, campaigning against:

- the devastating economic sanctions that killed hundreds of thousands
during the 1990s
- the bombing of Iraq from December 1998 to March 2003 which killed at least
100 Iraqi civilians
- the illegal invasion and military occupation of Iraq

During this time we have:

- sent 11 sanctions-breaking delegations to Iraq, risking prosecution and
- organised three conferences
- produced 34 newsletters and dozens of briefings
- spoken at hundreds of events around the country
- run numerous postcard campaigns
- organised scores of protests, large and small

In the run-up to the invasion of Iraq, Voices helped to organise mass acts
of non-violent civil disobedience, including the blockade of Britain's
military nerve centre at Northwood, where 70 were arrested - the largest
such action to take place in England.

Voices UK are independent (we are funded entirely by donations and don't
take money from governments or their front groups) and have no hidden agenda
(Voices is not affiliated to any religious group or political party).

There is no charge or subscription fee to be on our mailing list (although
donations are always appreciated). If you find the materials that we produce
useful, we are happy to send them to you free of charge.

Our aim is to provide information and raise awareness about US/UK policy on
Iraq and to help organise and promote grassroots activism here in the UK in
solidarity with the Iraqi people.

Voices in the Wilderness UK
5 Caledonian Road, London N1 9DX
tel. 0845 458 2564 (local rate call)

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