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[casi-analysis] Gigantic Expected Oil Profits In Iraq (GPF Jan 2004)

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Excuse me if everyone else knew this already.

I just came across this staggering estimate of the value of Iraq's oil and
the likely annual profits to be earned over
the next 50 years by oil corporations:

UN-linked NGO The Global Policy Forum notes that 'worldwide profits of the
world's five largest oil companies in 2002 were $35 billion'.

They add, in an estimate drawn up at the end of January 2004: 'Our
estimate of the 'most probable' annual profits in Iraq are $95 billion,
three times this sum!'

That's $95bn a year, every year, for 50 years. In profit, not revenue.

Worth fighting a war over...



Milan Rai
Justice Not Vengeance
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