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[casi-analysis] Reverse De-Baathification

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FALLUJAH - A former general in Saddam Hussein's army will be responsible for
security in the Iraqi city of Fallujah under a new deal reached on Thursday.
The Fallujah Protective Army will include up to 1,100 Iraqi soldiers and
will be led by a former division commander under Saddam. It will move into
the hotbed of anti-U.S. insurgency beginning on Friday, U.S. marine Lt.-Col.
Brennan Byrne said

source CBC news

Why didn't the US just hire the insurgents to provide security in the first
place? ;) The US has always claimed that they are mainly remnants of
Saddam's forces. It looks as if Chalabis and INC campaign of getting rid of
all former Baathists is being rejected with a vengeance. I understand that
former Baath intelligence officers have been hired to the new Iraqi
intelligence service as well..

Cheers, Ken Hanly

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