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RE: [casi-analysis] DU info

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The article

>    5. Thom Hartmann Radio Interview with Leuren Moret on DU -
> April 15  11AM-noon (Leuren Moret)

states that:

" One uranium
particle behaves in the body like a tiny nuclear bomb,
sending out alpha and beta particles and gamma rays to
adjacent cells"

DU does emit beta particles and gamma rays, but the vast majority of its
radiation is in the form of alpha particles. It is no way like a tiny
nuclear bomb: the energy of a nuclear bomb is largely initially in the
form of X-rays, and the damaging radition from the nuclear explosion is
largely in the form of neutrons. Nuclear bombs, bad as they are, are
one-offs: DU is going to be with us for billions of years.

It's carcinogenic, and a chemical poison, and it ought to be banned, of
course: but our case is strong enough that we don't have to overstate

Chris Williams

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