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[casi-analysis] Re: Where is Tom Young

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Dear Casi,

I attach from Tom Young's Baghdad experience the relevant paras. I have
telephoned the Foreign Editor of the Independent, who states that Robert
Fisk drove in from Jordan, which as I had understood his (Fisk's) take. He
even talked of the same old bribes on the border, which Iraq travellers
were?are familiar with. I gather the American's at the border are also
profitting - allegedly )

With respect, with Tom hearing no gunfire, seeing no hotels fall down, blow
up etc. , is he in Baghdad, or on another planet - or with the Iraqi
Prospect Org? Tom's take is below:

'I read a story from Robert Fisk last month.  About arriving at Baghdad
International Airport to
accompanying gunfire and small rockets being launched.  After 4 days in
Baghdad I havent heard a
single gunshot, let alone rocket.  I find his description impossible to

Incidently Iraqi TV covered the incident last night, but omitted any mention
of bodies being
mutilated or the other more fanciful details that are being played out in
Britain and America.

This is not a city at war.  There is no hostility to foreigners that I have

The fact that so many of the left and the "humanitarians" wish to believe
otherwise reminds me
nothing more than the great Lewis Carrol poem "The Walrus and Carpenter"

'I weep for you, said the Carpenter, I deeply sympathise,
All the while picking out those of the biggest size'

Tom Young

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