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[casi-analysis] Where is Tom Young?

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I am reading Tom Young's accounts with a little incredulity.  I am also in Baghdad, I spent six 
months here last year and have been here for a month this year.

I was staying in Karada until the Mount Lebanon explosion, which almost blew my windows in, a 
colleague at the Swan Lake had her window and part of her ceiling land on her.  There is a rarely a 
day, let alone a night with some gun fire or explosion.  Both around the Sheraton and Palestine 
Hotel and most other parts of Baghad.  I am also spending sometime in Adhamiya where people don't 
even look round at the sound of AK's close by.

The hospitals are now closed to all inquisitive media, who would get a better idea of casualties 
and worsening conditions, but the doctors have had pay rises and have been told not to let the 
media film anything.  Casualties do not help to a story of improvements.

It may be possible to ignore all of this if you are shut away safely in the Al Hamra.. but to deny 
its happening!!! I am speechless.

Julia Guest

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