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[casi-analysis] "Resistence" in Iraq

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No worries about correcting the howler  as you very correctly described.  My bad for using a dodgy 
photocopied map

Shame that you couldnt find it in your heart (OK I am jumping to conclusions about anatomy here) to 
make some comment on the actual substance of the story itself.

I have read reports from Amnesty International saying that American soldiers pick up young Iraqis 
off the street because they found them in the market eating packet from an MRE and then imprison 
them for weeks in Abu Ghraib.  I have seen American soldiers, they only travel in convoys and never 
leave their vehicle.  The idea of them picking up Iraqis for eating biscuits is absurd, the idea of 
them walking through markets is absurd, the idea they would imprison someone weeks because of it is 
absolutely daft.

So is Amnesty part of a "conspiracy" as you call it?  How can I say, all I can say is they are 
disseminating really stupid invented stories.

I read another story about how the economy is growing, the writer quotes a car repairman, who adds 
that mostly he is fixing up bullet holes in cars.  Earlier that day I had walked through a lane 
that was only car repair shops.  And surprise, surprise not one was bullet ridden, nor have I seen 
one car with a bullet hole.

I read a story from Robert Fisk last month.  About arriving at Baghdad International Airport to 
accompanying gunfire and small rockets being launched.  After 4 days in Baghdad I havent heard a 
single gunshot, let alone rocket.  I find his description impossible to believe.

Incidently Iraqi TV covered the incident last night, but omitted any mention of bodies being 
mutilated or the other more fanciful details that are being played out in Britain and America.

This is not a city at war.  There is no hostility to foreigners that I have encountered.

The fact that so many of the left and the "humanitarians" wish to believe otherwise reminds me 
nothing more than the great Lewis Carrol poem "The Walrus and Carpenter"

'I weep for you, said the Carpenter, I deeply sympathise,
All the while picking out those of the biggest size'

Tom Young

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