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[casi-analysis] Occupation well past use-by-date?

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Realising that first impressions can be superficial

I would just say that Baghdad appears quite peaceful with everyone going about their everyday 
business.  The streets are chaotic and grid-locked with traffic.  Although signs of the occupation 
are very visible.

There appear to be plenty of Iraqi police and military now.  In my humble opinion they would be 
perfectly able to keep control especially in a situation where
a) the "resistence" such as is, is addressed purely at American occupation.
b) there is no significant ideology in opposition to the INC such as support for the return of 
Saddam - who in anycase is probably enjoying his retirement and wouldnt want to return even if Tony 
Blair asked him very very nicely.  The only significant ideology is expressed by clerics like for 
Sisteni who are asking for elections and saying Iraq shouldnt be divided along ethnic or religous 
lines.  Hmmm - there's a dangerous firebrand if ever I heard one.

In other words there is absolutely no reason for the occupying troops to be there anymore.  Their 
presence is the cause of what "resistence" there is - although I have my suspicions this 
"resistence" is highly choreographed.

But even I am wrong, there appears to be enough Iraqi security forces now to maintain order, 
especially as the very reason that is given for the disorder is the resentment at the presence of 
foreign troops.  If it was really felt necessary perhaps a small contingent of troops from 
neighbouring countries???

The occupation forces are the cause of the problem they claim to be trying to prevent: unrest.

Its difficult to believe the powers-that-be dont realise this.  Therefore my only conclusion is 
that the occupation is being prolonged for other motives.

Oh, and surprise surprise, the American soldiers I talked to dont want to be there either.

Tom Young

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