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[casi-analysis] Seeking some assistence

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Security permitting I intend to visit Iraq next week for a personal project tentatively entitled 
"Local Communities and Mass Graves in Iraq"
Whether it goes ahead will depend on
a) safety
b) ability to travel around the country
c) obtaining translation and car services within my limited personal budget.

What I do with results I get I am unsure, I will possibly try indymedia.  Given most people here 
are satisfied with the "grieving relatives rushing to exhume loved ones as soon as the threat of 
Baathist thugs was removed" paradigm I suspect it will not be of interest to many people here.

Nevertheless any assistence in the following what be appreciated.

1) I have been trying to get a copy of a news story from Chicago Tribune Dec 22 2003, it comes up 
on google but clicking on the link comes up with an error nor can it actually be found on the 
Chicago Tribune website itself.  It concerns one Ahmed Hassan, a farmer near Mahawhil, who 
maintains a notebook of people coming to collect "loved ones" from Mahawil grave site in the months 
after the initial exhumation.  Someone who I would be interested in meeting.  I have looked on casi 
and electronic iraq websites to no avail - does anyone know of any other archives it might be found 
A quote
"justice. In the town of Mahawil, 60 miles south of Baghdad, farmer
Ahmed Hassan maintains a notebook that bespeaks a hideous crime. He has a log of more than 2,000 
bodies, started on the day last spring when carloads
of frantic Iraqis began arriving at a marshy plot not far from his home to search for loved ones in 
one of Iraq's largest mass grave"

Some discussion late last year saw a general consensus that CPA had finally appointed official 
investigators that would properly examined and exhume Iraqi mass graves (on what basis I am not 
sure). Does anyone know if this had lead to any results? Does anyone know how this office might be 
contacted in Baghdad?  Attempts to contact the CPA have so far been unsuccessful.  Does anyone know 
of any official contacts in Baghdad that might give assistence and would have up to date 
information on the number and records of mass grave exhumations and human rights abuses?  Or any 
NGOs such AI or HRW or others currently with offices in Baghdad.

Tom Young

PS I would also love to visit one of the two Saddam Husseins, either in jail or wherever he is 
holidaying.  But I guess we cant hope for too much in this world.  Off Topic but for those 
interested here is my take on the "killing" of Sheikh Yassin in Gaza (no surprises on my position)

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