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Re: [casi-analysis] UN probe of Oil-For-Food ...??

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1- The Grand Ayatollah Ali Husseini al Sistani wants the UN to play a role
to minimize the role of the US in running Iraq. Sistani probably thinks that
the UN is a lesser evil than the US. I am sure that Sistani wants to replace
the US forces but the question with what? the Iraqi army? (Non existent),
Militias (at least 2 Shiite, Badder and Al-Mahdi, at least 2 Sunnis, Mohamed
and Al-Sahaba, and at least 2 Kurdish militia's). They are too fragmented
and aligned to political parties to make them a unifying force. Multilateral
force will be under the US thumb and that will make them unacceptable. So
the UN will be the only choice left. Sistani's wishes are only making life
difficult and frustrating for the US policy makers. His policy, going to the
UN, might bring back the important role of France Russia..etc into the Iraqi

2-  Annan to Probe UN in Iraq: I think that might help clearing the name of
the UN, and probably Saddam, of wrong doing. Owing to the quality of Iraqi
oil it is in demand world wide. Buyers were waiting, in queue, to sign
contracts to lift oil from Iraq. Some companies were not interested in
waiting, some are not interested in negotiations, some are not interested in
sending their people to Iraq. These companies found out that there are
people who could jump the queue to get the oil.  These “commodity traders”
would facilitate the purchase of the Iraqi oil at the UN acceptable price.
In fact the contract is signed by the oil company that used these “commodity
traders”. The oil companies pay for the oil to the UN account. Oil companies
pay to the “commodity traders” for services. As far as I know there is NO
contract between the “commodity traders” and the government of Iraq. The
only paper that might exist is the “jump the queue” order. These type of
activities are happening in real trade thousand of times each day for
“facilitating” business activities. One interesting point I think most of
the oil that was sold by these “commodity traders” was bought by American
oil companies, which might have been resold again for profit. This is

3- The US & UK failed to convince the world about the non-existent WMD. They
failed to convince the world of the promised security, to Iraqis and the
world. They failed to show any visible reconstruction efforts over the last
year. In short they failed in every aspect. Hitting “Saddam” is the best,
and the only, option they have to cover-up for the corruption,
miss-management, kickback, bribes…  They give the people the chance to hit
Saddam rather than hitting Halliburton and other US robbers. Hitting Saddam
might give them another reason why they waged war on Iraq.

Best regards
Ghazwan Al-Mukhtar
Baghdad, occupied Iraq

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> Does anyone know what is going on here?
> Announced today:
> 1.
> Shiite leader wants United Nations to have role in shift of power
> NEW YORK - Iraq's most influential Shiite religious leader has formally
> assured the United Nations that he wants the organization to help guide
> through its transition to self-rule, a senior U.N. official said Tuesday.
> Grand Ayatollah Ali Husseini al Sistani told U.N. Secretary General Kofi
> Annan in a written message several days ago that there was no basis for
> recent news reports saying that Sistani opposed a continuing role for the
> United Nations, said Lakhdar Brahimi, the U.N. special envoy for Iraq.
> Sistani told Annan ''he wants the U.N. to play a role, to continue to play
> role in Iraq,'' Brahimi said.
> 2.
> United Nations to launch independent probe of alleged corruption in Iraq
> oil-for-food sales
> An independent commission will investigate allegations that United Nations
> staff collected millions of dollars in illegal profits from the program
> allowed Iraq to sell some of its oil to pay for food during the years of
> economic sanctions.
> Annan's decision followed publication in the Iraqi newspaper Al-Mada of a
> list of about 270 former Cabinet officials, legislators, political
> and journalists from more than 46 countries suspected of profiting from
> Iraqi oil sales.
> The United Nations has already sent two letters to the Iraqi Governing
> Council and the U.S.-led coalition requesting evidence of corruption in
> program -- the latest a week ago.
> In late January, the Governing Council [Chalabi?] asked the country's Oil
> Ministry to gather information on allegations that Saddam Hussein's regime
> bribed prominent foreigners with oil money to back his government.
> -----------------------------------------------------------
> What would the UN status be, vis-a-vis Bremer & Chalabi?
> After Blair & Bush have been scoffing the UN for years- now Sistani (and I
> think the Kurds) want the UN back in the country.
> So today,
> Annan to Probe UN in Iraq; Powell 'Very Concerned'
> Sat Mar 20, 2004 10:26 AM ET
> KUWAIT/UNITED NATIONS (Reuters) - Secretary of State Colin Powell said on
> Saturday he was "deeply concerned" about allegations of corruption in a
> defunct U.N.-run humanitarian program for Iraq and welcomed U.N.
> Secretary-General Kofi Annan's proposed probe.
> "We are concerned, deeply concerned that money that was supposed to be
> to help the Iraqi people was diverted by Saddam Hussein, once again
> demonstrating the nature of the regime," Powell told reporters during a
> stopover in Kuwait
> -----------------------------------------------------------
> Is  the UN probe into OFF corruption intended to divert attention from
> of US contractor corruption?  pg
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