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[casi-analysis] DoD lies about Iraq and DU again

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Another US Department of Defense Lie about Iraq

Lie: That Iraq would not cooperate with WHO study
of DU health effects before Gulf War II

Truth: Iraq invited WHO study; US lobbied hard against it
and prevailed in quashing it at the UN

In the discussion at the Mar 6 conference, Dr. Michael Kilpatrick, US
Department of Defense, stated that WHO wanted to go to Iraq to study
depleted uranium effects on the Iraqi population, but Iraq would not allow
them in. This is false. Iraq invited/requested WHO to study effects of DU on
the Iraqi population and in August 2001 a WHO team was sent to Iraq. In
November the UN General Assembly voted to stop the WHO study in Iraq - I'm
not sure who introduced this measure into the General Assembly, but the US
lobbied very hard to prevent the WHO from doing this study. The vote was 45
for WHO to continue, 54 to stop the WHO study and 45 abstentions. The US
seems to have coerced a lot of countries, which resulted in this unusual
number of abstentions. [photo of Michael Kilpatrick  2004 Charlie Jenks]

Prof. Glen D. Lawrence
Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
Long Island University

Hear Dr. Kilpatrick's false claim at

For an account of the UN quashing the WHO study, see

Charles Jenks, attorney at law
President of the Core Group
Traprock Peace Center
103A Keets Road
Deerfield, MA 01342
413-773-1633; Fax 413-773-7507

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