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[casi-analysis] Iraq's "$16M" for 2002 actually $400M

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The recent Reuters story ("US says Iraq's health care system improving") is
wrong in implying Iraq's medical budget was $16M in 2002[1].  OFF allocations to
this sector were well over $400M for this period [2,3].

I've seen the error repeated on CNN.  Please, would the press get a clue.

Drew Hamre
Golden Valley, MN

[1] From <"... Former Iraqi
leader Saddam Hussein "starved the medical system," providing $16 million -- or
68 cents per person per year -- for health care in 2002, Thompson said. This
year's health budget for Iraq is $950 million, funded mostly from the country's
oil sales. Iraqi doctors have seen their salaries jump from $20 a month to
between $120 and $180 a month, and a number of Iraqi doctors from abroad have
returned, Thompson said....">

Phase 11, $178M + $40M (Center/South + North)

Phase 12, $150M + $68M (Center/South + North)

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