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Re: [casi-analysis] election disqualifications

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Dear Daniel & List,

Thanks for your analysis. And no, you are not taking
the issue too seriously.

To start with, the CPA is the arm of an illegal
occupation that violates the Charter of the UN and
international law. That has been established when the
UN SC adopted a resolution calling this an

The campaign of “de-ba’thification” is another
violation of the rights of human beings to political
beliefs, because it is based on belonging to a party
or believing in an ideology, not on what this person
or that has done. Hence, e.g. Talbani and members of
his gang (mistakenly called a political party), who
have participated in mass murder and a series of
atrocities, are allowed to participate, while a clean
and decent citizen, who has done no wrong, is

But let’s look at the extracts from the CPA order:

1) When determined necessary for security and public
order within Iraq, the Administrator of the CPA may
disqualify an individual from participating in an
election as a candidate for, or accepting a nomination
to, or holding public office, at any level, if that

* Thus it is Bremer “the Almighty”, not Iraqis, who
will decide who is suitable for Iraq and who is not!
Just like he decided that Islam is not suitable for
Iraq!!! That would be based on intelligence
information provided by Chalabi, Allawi, Talbani,
Barzani etc.. In other words, the same kind of
“superior”, “honest” and “firm” intelligence provided
by the same people about Iraq’s WMDs, and the story is
known to all..

a) Has engaged in, ordered, or publicly incited
violence against Coalition Forces or CPA personnnel;

* In other words, anyone who uses the rights given to
him by the Charter of the UN and international law,
that of resisting an illegal occupation, is barred
from serving his country. (note against CPA, not
aginst Iraqis..)

b) Was a full member of the Ba'ath Party [of certain

* In this, Iyad Allawi, Adel Abdul-Mahdi (to name only
two) and a huge number of people in different level of
the Iraqi administration should be disqualified!!

c) Is an agent of a foreign government;

* That means all those Iraqis who have acquired the
citizenship of another country, because their loyalty
has to be to one country only. That would include
almost all members of the IGC. To argue that they had
to do that for practical reasons does not change the
fact that there would be sometime a conflict of
interest. If one is a citizen of the US, then he
serves that country, and he has to serve the
occupation force. Another point is that US laws do not
allow dual citizenship, which means that those who
have the US citizenship do not hold the Iraqi
citizenship anymore, and if they get it back, then
they have to give up the US citizenship, and I doubt
that anyone of those will do that!!!
And all those serving the CPA are by definition agents
of a foreign government!

d) Has been convicted of a serious offense;

* That applies most of all to Ahmed Chalabi, and
probably others too...

e) Is reasonably suspected of having committed,
participated in, ordered, or permitted war crimes,
genocide, crimes against humanity, atrocities, or
gross violations of human rights; or

* that should apply to those who supported the
sanctions, considered by UN experts and legal experts
to be genocide and a crime against humanity (and that
means all of those in the IGC); those who supported
the bombings of Iraq (all of them); those who sent
their armies to kill Iraqis at different times (and
that includes the Kurdish groups, SCIRI, Da’wa,
Communists and Chalabi’s group); and those who
supported the invasion of Iraq which caused the death
of at least 10 000 civilians (and they all did!).

f) Has publicly espoused political philosophies or
legal doctrines contrary to the domestic order and
rule of law being established in Iraq.

* That of course means those who oppose US policies in
Iraq and the area. But it neglects the most important
aspect: that what the US is doing is itself against
“the domestic order and rule of law” needed in Iraq,
and we have seen the amount of public resistance to
those US plans..

What is remarkable about this order is that it does
not refer to those responsible for mass killings in
Iraq. The reference above is meant ONLY for those of
the former regime, and is not meant to apply to
similar crimes committed by those puppets of the CPA
and servants of the occupation forces, be those
Kurdish groups, Da’wa or SCIRI. And it certainly does
not apply to “war crimes, genocide, crimes against
humanity, atrocities, or gross violations of human
rights” committed by the occupation forces during and
since the occupation.

So welcome to the real world of democracy, human
rights and honesty, the American style. I guess Iraqis
now realize what the original inhabitants of the
Americas must have gone through...
That is what we warned about, and we were
(unfortunately) proven right. Yet some insisted that
the ends justify the means. These “means” cost Iraqis
a huge price in return for an “end” that has brought
them more suffering and more misery..


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