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[casi-analysis] Re: UK Ministry of Defense Issues DU Warning Cards to Soldiers Deployed to Iraq

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Dear Charles and List,

Maybe I am clumsy but after reading your info and also searching the Internet
and especially the related MOD sites I still do not seem to have any definite
info as to

a) from what date these cards have been issued to troops, and
b) whether they were really issued to ALL British troops currently deployed in

The reason why I am asking is to obtain proof that Hungarian troops positioned
in Iraq are also endangered

I would be grateful for any specifics.


Charles Jenks  <> 2004.02.20. 20:06:34 -5h-kor írta:

> The British Ministry of Defence has issued cards to troops deployed to Iraq
> warning that they may have exposed to depleted uranium dust and offering
> uranium testing.
> See for the text of
> the cards, downloadable photocopies of the cards (doc and pdf formats) as
> well as international commentary on the developing controversy.

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