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[casi-analysis] UK Ministry of Defense Issues DU Warning Cards to SoldiersDeployed to Iraq

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The British Ministry of Defence has issued cards to troops deployed to Iraq
warning that they may have exposed to depleted uranium dust and offering
uranium testing.

See for the text of
the cards, downloadable photocopies of the cards (doc and pdf formats) as
well as international commentary on the developing controversy.

Why are not Iraqi citizens warned of their exposure to uranium dust and
offered tests?
Why are US soldiers not so warned or offered such tests?
Why isn't the US cleaning up the environmental contamination?
Why is the US still using DU munitions?
Why is the US major media (as opposed to major media in other countries)
mostly mum about depleted uranium use by the US military?

This in light of a January study that found US soldiers who are still
contaminated with depleted uranium 12 years after the end of Gulf War I. and news that a British
veteran won a hotly contested disability appeal due to his contamination
with DU.

Best wishes,

Charles Jenks, attorney at law
President of the Core Group
Traprock Peace Center
103A Keets Road
Deerfield, MA 01342
413-773-1633; Fax 413-773-7507

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