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[casi-analysis] Bizarre communication alleged to be from AQ intercepted by CPA

[ This message has been sent to you via the CASI-analysis mailing list ]

Going to the CPA home page you will see that they are headlining the fact that they have 
intercepted a letter allegedly from a Jordanian terrorist to allegedly unnamed Al Quaeda officials. 
 The letter is supposed to urge the creation of a civil war between Shiites and Sunnis.  I will 
paste it at the end.  It could be best described as utterly interestless ravings composed in the 
finest 1001 Arabian nights Orietalism style.  I have to be honest and just say I skimmed it as it 
seemed to be written for public release rather than a true genuine internal communication.   A sort 
of modern Zinoviev telegram.

Is it genuine?  Obviously how would I know, but given that Al Quaeda have a useful habit of turning 
up where ever America wants to invade next it might well come from whatever it is that Al Quaeda is 
supposed to be.

The letter is full of vitriol against Shiites - useful in the old divide and rule strategy.  
Particularly if you wish to promote Iranian influence in Iraq which for reasons totally beyond me 
both Britain and America seem to want to do (for heavans sake the head of the IGC even offered to 
unilaterally renegotiate the peace with Iran and pay them unspecified compensation, nothing like 
standing up for your own country, as if Iraq didnt have enough debts already).

Will it have any credibility in Iraq, hopefully not but most likely it will.  Certainly the release 
of the letter is more likely to promote ethnic divisions in Iraq that anything "al Quaeda" could or 
could not do.

Is it just me or do most of these insurgency bombings seem mainly to be killing Iraqi civilians.  
Funny that.

Letter follows

In the name of God, the Merciful, the Compassionate,
From ……………to the proudest of persons and leaders in the age of the servants,
……To the men on the mountain tops, to the hawks of glory, to the lions
of [the] Shara [Mountains], to the two honorable brothers……………..,
Peace and the mercy and blessings of God be upon you.

Even if our bodies are far apart, the distance between our hearts is close.

Our solace is in the saying of the Imam Malik. I hope that both of us are well. I ask God the Most 
High, the Generous, [to have] this letter reach you clothed in the garments of health and savoring 
the winds of victory and triumph …. Amen.

I send you an account that is appropriate to [your] position and that removes the veil and lifts 
the curtain from the good and bad [that are] hidden in the arena of Iraq.

As you know, God favored the [Islamic] nation with jihad on His behalf in the land of Mesopotamia. 
It is known to you that the arena here is not like the rest. It has positive elements not found in 
others, and it also has negative elements not found in others. Among the greatest positive elements 
of this arena is that it is jihad in the Arab heartland. It is a stone’s throw from the lands of 
the two Holy Precincts and the al-Aqsa [Mosque]. We know from God’s religion that the true, 
decisive battle between infidelity and Islam is in this land, i.e., in [Greater] Syria and its 
surroundings. Therefore, we must spare no effort and strive urgently to establish a foothold in 
this land. Perhaps God may cause something to happen thereafter. The current situation, o 
courageous shaykhs, makes it necessary for us to examine this matter deeply, starting from our true 
Law and the reality in which we live….

Here is the current situation as I, with my limited vision, see it. I ask God to forgive my prattle 
and lapses. I say, having sought help from God, that the Americans, as you know well, entered Iraq 
on a contractual basis and to create the State of Greater Israel from the Nile to the Euphrates and 
that this Zionized American Administration believes that accelerating the creation of the State of 
[Greater] Israel will accelerate the emergence of the Messiah. It came to Iraq with all its people, 
pride, and haughtiness toward God and his Prophet. It thought that the matter would be somewhat 
easy. Even if there were to be difficulties, it would be easy. But it collided with a completely 
different reality. The operations of the brother mujahidin began from the first moment, which mixed 
things up somewhat. Then, the pace of operations quickened. This was in the Sunni Triangle, if this 
is the right name for it. This forced the Americans to conclude a deal with the Shi`a, the most evil
of mankind. The deal was concluded on [the basis that] the Shi`a would get two-thirds of the booty 
for having stood in the ranks of the Crusaders against the mujahidin.

First: The Makeup [of Iraq]

In general, Iraq is a political mosaic, an ethnic mixture, and scattered confessional and sectarian 
disparities that only a strong central authority and a overpowering ruler have been able to lead, 
beginning with Ziyad Ibn Abihi (tr. note: 7th century A.D.) and ending with Saddam. The future 
faces difficult choices. It is a land of great hardships and difficulties for everyone, whether he 
is serious or not…..

As for the details:

1. The Kurds

In their two Barazani and Talabani halves, these have given the bargain of their hands and the 
fruit of their hearts to the Americans. They have opened their land to the Jews and become their 
rear base and a Trojan horse for their plans. They (the Jews) infiltrate through their lands, drape 
themselves in their banners, and take them as a bridge over which to cross for financial control 
and economic hegemony, as well as for the espionage base for which they have built a large 
structure the length and breadth of that land. In general, Islam’s voice has died out among them -- 
the Kurds -- and the glimmer of religion has weakened in their homes. The Iraqi Da`wa has 
intoxicated them, and the good people among them, few as they are, are oppressed and fear that 
birds will carry them away.

3 [sic]. The Shi`a

[They are] the insurmountable obstacle, the lurking snake, the crafty and malicious scorpion, the 
spying enemy, and the penetrating venom. We here are entering a battle on two levels. One, evident 
and open, is with an attacking enemy and patent infidelity. [Another is] a difficult, fierce battle 
with a crafty enemy who wears the garb of a friend, manifests agreement, and calls for comradeship, 
but harbors ill will and twists up peaks and crests (?). Theirs is the legacy of the Batini bands 
that traversed the history of Islam and left scars on its face that time cannot erase. The 
unhurried observer and inquiring onlooker will realize that Shi`ism is the looming danger and the 
true challenge. “They are the enemy. Beware of them. Fight them. By God, they lie.” History’s 
message is validated by the testimony of the current situation, which informs most clearly that 
Shi`ism is a religion that has nothing in common with Islam except in the way that Jews have 
something in common with
Christians under the banner of the People of the Book. From patent polytheism, worshipping at 
graves, and circumambulating shrines, to calling the Companions [of the Prophet] infidels and 
insulting the mothers of the believers and the elite of this [Islamic] nation, [they] arrive at 
distorting the Qur’an as a product of logic to defame those who know it well, in addition to 
speaking of the infallibility of the [Islamic] nation, the centrality of believing in them, 
affirming that revelation came down to them, and other forms of infidelity and manifestations of 
atheism with which their authorized books and original sources -- which they continue to print, 
distribute, and publish -- overflow. The dreamers who think that a Shi`i can forget [his] 
historical legacy and [his] old black hatred of the Nawasib [those who hate the Prophet’s lineage], 
as they fancifully call them, are like someone who calls on the Christians to renounce the idea of 
the crucifixion of the Messiah. Would a s
ensible person do this? These are a people who added to their infidelity and augmented their 
atheism with political cunning and a feverish effort to seize upon the crisis of governance and the 
balance of power in the state, whose features they are trying to draw and whose new lines they are 
trying to establish through their political banners and organizations in cooperation with their 
hidden allies the Americans.

These [have been] a sect of treachery and betrayal throughout history and throughout the ages. It 
is a creed that aims to combat the Sunnis. When the repulsive Ba`thi regime fell, the slogan of the 
Shi`a was “Revenge, revenge, from Tikrit to al-Anbar.” This shows the extent of their hidden rancor 
toward the Sunnis. However, their religious and political `ulama’ have been able to control the 
affairs of their sect, so as not to have the battle between them and the Sunnis become an open 
sectarian war, because they know that they will not succeed in this way. They know that, if a 
sectarian war was to take place, many in the [Islamic] nation would rise to defend the Sunnis in 
Iraq. Since their religion is one of dissimulation, they maliciously and cunningly proceeded 
another way. They began by taking control of the institutions of the state and their security, 
military, and economic branches. As you, may God preserve you, know, the basic components of any 
country are security and th
e economy. They are deeply embedded inside these institutions and branches. I give an example that 
brings the matter home: the Badr Brigade, which is the military wing of the Supreme Council of the 
Islamic Revolution, has shed its Shi`a garb and put on the garb of the police and army in its 
place. They have placed cadres in these institutions, and, in the name of preserving the homeland 
and the citizen, have begun to settle their scores with the Sunnis. The American army has begun to 
disappear from some cities, and its presence is rare. An Iraqi army has begun to take its place, 
and this is the real problem that we face, since our combat against the Americans is something 
easy. The enemy is apparent, his back is exposed, and he does not know the land or the current 
situation of the mujahidin because his intelligence information is weak. We know for certain that 
these Crusader forces will disappear tomorrow or the day after. He who looks at the current 
situation [will] see the e
nemy’s haste to constitute the army and the police, which have begun to carry out the missions 
assigned to them. This enemy, made up of the Shi`a filled out with Sunni agents, is the real danger 
that we face, for it is [made up of] our fellow countrymen, who know us inside and out. They are 
more cunning than their Crusader masters, and they have begun, as I have said, to try to take 
control of the security situation in Iraq. They have liquidated many Sunnis and many of their Ba`th 
Party enemies and others beholden to the Sunnis in an organized, studied way. They began by killing 
many mujahid brothers, passing to the liquidation of scientists, thinkers, doctors, engineers, and 
others. I believe, and God knows best, that the worst will not come to pass until most of the 
American army is in the rear lines and the secret Shi`i army and its military brigades are fighting 
as its proxy. They are infiltrating like snakes to reign over the army and police apparatus, which 
is the strike
force and iron fist in our Third World, and to take complete control over the economy like their 
tutors the Jews. As the days pass, their hopes are growing that they will establish a Shi`i state 
stretching from Iran through Iraq, Syria, and Lebanon and ending in the Cardboard Kingdom of the 
Gulf. The Badr Brigade entered carrying the slogan of revenge against Tikrit and al-Anbar, but it 
shed its garb and then put on the emblem[s] of the army and police to oppress the Sunnis and kill 
the people of Islam in the name of law and order, all under cover of smooth talk. The noxiousness 
of falsehood rides the horse of dissimulation. Their Ghunusi religion (one based on special 
personal enlightenment) veils itself with lies and covers itself with hypocrisy, exploiting the 
naivete and good-heartedness of many Sunnis. We do not know when our [Islamic] nation will begin to 
learn from historical experience and build on the testimony of the empty eras. The Shi`i Safavid 
state was an insurmou
ntable obstacle in the path of Islam. Indeed it was a dagger that stabbed Islam and its people in 
the back. One of the Orientalists spoke truth when he said that had the Safavid state not existed 
we in Europe would today be reading the Qur’an just as the Algerian Berber does. Yes, the hosts of 
the Ottoman state stopped at the gates of Vienna, and those fortifications almost collapsed before 
them [to permit] Islam to spread under the auspices of the sword of glory and jihad all across 
Europe. But these armies were forced to return and withdraw to the rear because the army of the 
Safavid state had occupied Baghdad, demolished its mosques, killed its people, and captured its 
women and wealth. The armies returned to defend the sanctuaries and people of Islam. Fierce 
fighting raged for about two centuries and did not end until the strength and reach of the Islamic 
state had waned and the [Islamic] nation had been put to sleep, then to wake up to the drums of the 
invading Westerner.

The Qur’an has told us that the machinations of the hypocrites, the deceit of the fifth column, and 
the cunning of those of our fellow countrymen whose tongues speak honeyed words but whose hearts 
are those of devils in the bodies of men – these are where the disease lies, these are the secret 
of our distress, these are the rat of the dike. “They are the enemy. Beware of them.” Shaykh 
al-Islam Ibn Taymiyya spoke with truth and honesty when he said – after he mentioned their (Shi`a) 
thinking toward the people of Islam – “For this reason, with their malice and cunning, they help 
the infidels against the Muslim mass[es], and they are one of the greatest reasons for the eruption 
of Genghis Khan, the king of the infidels, into the lands of Islam, for the arrival of Hulagu in 
the country of Iraq, for the taking of Aleppo and the pillage of al-Salihiyya, and for other 
things. For this reason, they pillaged the troops of the Muslims when they passed among them going 
to Egypt the first
time. And for this reason, they commit highway robbery against the Muslims. And for this reason, 
help for the Tartars and Franks appeared from among them against the Muslims. Deep sadness over the 
victory of Islam appeared, since they were friends with the Jews, Franks, and polytheists against 
the Muslims. These are among the customs of the hypocrites…. Their hearts are full of vinegar and 
ire like no others with regard to Muslims old and young, godly and ungodly.

Their greatest [act of] worship is to curse the Muslim friends of God from first to last. These are 
the people most anxious to divide the Muslims. Among their greatest principles are leveling charges 
of infidelity and damning and cursing the elite of those who have ruled matters, like the orthodox 
caliphs and the `ulama’ of the Muslims, because of their belief that anyone who does not believe in 
the infallible imam, who is not present, does not believe in God and his Prophet, may God bless him 
and grant him salvation….

The Shi`a love the Tartars and their state because through it they achieved a glory that they did 
not achieve through the Muslims’ state.…. They were among the greatest helpers [of the Tartars] as 
they seized the countries of Islam, killing Muslims and capturing their women. The story of Ibn 
al-`Alqami and his like with the Caliph and their case in Aleppo is famous. All the people know it. 
If the Muslims defeat the Christians and polytheists, this causes distress among the Shi`a. And if 
the polytheists and Christians beat the Muslims, this occasions a holiday and joy among the Shi`a.” 
– al-Fatawa, part 28, pages 478 to 527

Praise be to God, it is as if veils had been lifted from the hidden for him (Ibn Taymiyya) and he 
looked at what was before him and then spoke clearly on the basis of observation and information. 
Our imams have traced a clear path and lifted the veil from these people. Imam al-Bukhari says, not 
in the house have I prayed behind a Shi`i or behind Jews or Christians. They are not to be greeted. 
They are not to be congratulated on holidays. They are not to be taken in marriage. They cannot 
bear witness. The animals they slaughter are not to be eaten. – Khalq Af`al al-‘Ibad, page 125

Imam Ahmad says – he was asked about who had cursed Abu Bakr, `Umar, and `A’isha, may God be 
pleased with them – “I do not see him within Islam.” Imam Malik says, “He who curses the Companions 
of the Prophet, may God bless him and grant him salvation, has no share or part in Islam.” – Kitab 
al-Sunna of al-Khallal, number 779

Al-Faryabi says, “I do not see the Shi`a except as atheists.” -- al-Lalika’i, part 8, page 1545

And when Ibn Hazm brought evidence and proofs against the Jews and Christians for distorting the 
Torah and the Gospel, they found no retort except to say that the Shi`a among them spoke of 
distortions to the Qur’an. He said, God’s mercy! When they speak of the claim of the Shi`a that 
substitution has occurred, the Shi`a are not Muslims. They are a sect that follows the path of the 
Jews and Christians in lying and infidelity.” – al-Fasl, part 2, page 78

Ibn Taymiyya said, “With this, it becomes clear that they are more evil than the sectarians and 
more deserving of being fought than the Kharijis. This is the reason for the general opinion that 
circulates that the Shi`a are people of heresy. The populace spreads around that Shi`i is the 
opposite of Sunni because they show resistance to the sunna of the Prophet of God, may God bless 
him and grant him salvation, and to the Laws of Islam.” – from Sa’ir Ahl al-Ahwa’, part 28, page 482

And he said, “If the sunna and ijma` are in agreement that -- if [the spirit of] the Muslim 
attacker could [only] come out by killing, then he should be killed, even if the property that he 
took was [but] a fraction of a dinar --how could it be with regard to fighting those who deviate 
from the Laws of Islam and fight God and His Prophet, may God bless him and grant him salvation? – 
part 4, page 251

And with all this, let the people of Islam know that we are not the first to have begun going down 
this road. We are not the first to have brandished the sword. These people (the Shi`a) are 
continuing to kill those who call for Islam and the mujahidin of the community, stabbing them in 
the back under cover of the silence and complicity of the whole world, and, regretfully, even of 
the symbolic figures beholden to the Sunnis.

Moreover, they are a bone in the throats of the mujahidin and a dagger in [the backs of] their 
leading personalities. People without exception know that most of the mujahidin who have fallen in 
war have done so at the hands of these people. The wounds are still spreading, and they are working 
the daggers of hatred and cunning in them assiduously, Night or day, they do not let up.

2 [sic]. As regards the Sunnis

They are more wretched than orphans at the tables of the depraved. They have lost the[ir] leader 
and wandered in the desert of artlessness and negligence divided and fragmented, having lost the 
unifying head who gathered the scattered [pieces] and prevented the egg from shattering. They also 
are [various] kinds.

1. The Masses

These masses are the silent majority, absent even though present. “The hooligans following everyone 
and his brother hungered. They did not seek enlightenment from the light of science and did not 
take refuge in a safe corner.” These, even if in general they hate the Americans, wish them to 
vanish and to have their black cloud dissolve. But, despite that, they look forward to a sunny 
tomorrow, a prosperous future, a carefree life, comfort, and favor. They look ahead to that day and 
are thus easy prey for cunning information [media] and political enticement whose hiss rings out…. 
In any event, they are people of Iraq.

2. The Shaykhs and `Ulama’

These are mostly Sufis doomed to perdition. Their part of religion is an anniversary in which they 
sing and dance to the chanting of a camel driver, with a fatty banquet at the end. In truth, these 
are narcotic opiate[s] and deceitful guides for an [Islamic] nation that is feeling its way on a 
pitch-black night. As for the spirit of jihad and the jurisprudence of martyrdom and disavowal of 
the infidel, they are innocent of all of that, just as the wolf was innocent of the blood of 
Joseph, may peace be upon him. With all the horrors and bad circumstances, not one of them ever 
speaks about jihad or calls for sacrifice or self-sacrifice. For these, three is too much, not to 
say four. They are not suited to this.

3. The [Muslim] Brothers

As you have observed, they make a profession of trading in the blood of martyrs and build their 
counterfeit glory on the skulls of the faithful. They have debased the horse, put aside arms, said 
“no jihad” … and lied.

Their whole effort is to extend political control and seize the posts of Sunni representation in 
the government cake whose creation has been decided, while taking care in secret to get control of 
the mujahidin groups through financial support for two purposes. The first is for propaganda and 
media work abroad to attract money and sympathy, exactly as they did during the events in Syria, 
and the second is to control the situation and dissolve these groups when the party ends and the 
gifts are distributed. They are now intent on creating a Sunni shura body to speak in the name of 
the Sunnis. It is their habit to grab the stick in the middle and change as the political climate 
changes. Their religion is mercurial. They have no firm principles, and they do not start from 
enduring legal bases. God is the one from whom we have sought help.

D (sic). The Mujahidin

These are the quintessence of the Sunnis and the good sap of this country. In general, they belong 
to the Sunni doctrine and naturally to the Salafi creed. The Salafis splintered only as the bend 
curved, and the people of the [distant] regions fell behind the caravan. In general, these 
mujahidin distinguish themselves by the following:

1. Most of them have little expertise or experience, especially in organized collective work. 
Doubtlessly, they are the result of a repressive regime that militarized the country, spread 
dismay, propagated fear and dread, and destroyed confidence among the people. For this reason, most 
of the groups are working in isolation, with no political horizon, farsightedness, or preparation 
to inherit the land. Yes, the idea has begun to ripen, and a light whisper has arisen to become 
noisy talk about the need to band together and unite under one banner. But matters are still in 
their initial stages. With God’s praise, we are trying to ripen them quickly.

2. Jihad here unfortunately [takes the form of] mines planted, rockets launched, and mortars 
shelling from afar. The Iraqi brothers still prefer safety and returning to the arms of their 
wives, where nothing frightens them. Sometimes the groups have boasted among themselves that not 
one of them has been killed or captured. We have told them in our many sessions with them that 
safety and victory are incompatible, that the tree of triumph and empowerment cannot grow tall and 
lofty without blood and defiance of death, that the [Islamic] nation cannot live without the aroma 
of martyrdom and the perfume of fragrant blood spilled on behalf of God, and that people cannot 
awaken from their stupor unless talk of martyrdom and martyrs fills their days and nights. The 
matter needs more patience and conviction. [Our] hope in God is great.

E. (sic) The Immigrant Mujahidin

Their numbers continue to be negligible as compared to the enormity of the expected battle. We know 
that the convoys of good are many, that the march of jihad continues, and that only confusion over 
the banner and a muffled reality keep many of them from [answering] the call to battle. What 
prevents us from [calling] a general alert is that the country has no mountains in which we can 
take refuge and no forests in whose thickets we can hide. Our backs are exposed and our movements 
compromised. Eyes are everywhere. The enemy is before us and the sea is behind us. Many an Iraqi 
will honor you as a guest and give you shelter as a peaceable brother. As for making his house into 
a base for launching [operations] and a place of movement and battle, this is rarer than red 
sulphur. For this reason, we have worn ourselves out on many occasions sheltering and protecting 
the brothers. This makes training the green newcomers like wearing bonds and shackles, even though, 
praise be to God an
d with relentless effort and insistent searching, we have taken possession of growing numbers of 
locations, praise be to God, to be base sites for brothers who are kindling [the fire of] war and 
drawing the people of the country into the furnace of battle so that a real war will break out, God 

Second: The Current Situation and the Future

There is no doubt that the Americans’ losses are very heavy because they are deployed across a wide 
area and among the people and because it is easy to procure weapons, all of which makes them easy 
and mouth-watering targets for the believers. But America did not come to leave, and it will not 
leave no matter how numerous its wounds become and how much of its blood is spilled. It is looking 
to the near future, when it hopes to disappear into its bases secure and at ease and put the 
battlefields of Iraq into the hands of the foundling government with an army and police that will 
bring the behavior of Saddam and his myrmidons back to the people. There is no doubt that the space 
in which we can move has begun to shrink and that the grip around the throats of the mujahidin has 
begun to tighten. With the deployment of soldiers and police, the future has become frightening.

Third: So Where are We?

Despite the paucity of supporters, the desertion of friends, and the toughness of the times,. God 
the Exalted has honored us with good harm to the enemy. Praise be to God, in terms of surveillance, 
preparation, and planning, we have been the keys to all of the martyrdom operations that have taken 
place except those in the north. Praise be to God, I have completed 25 [operations] up to now, 
including among the Shi`a and their symbolic figures, the Americans and their soldiers, the police 
and soldiers, and the coalition forces. God willing, more are to come. What has prevented us from 
going public is that we have been waiting until we have weight on the ground and finish preparing 
integrated structures capable of bearing the consequences of going public so that we appear in 
strength and do not suffer a reversal. We seek refuge in God. Praise be to God, we have made good 
strides and completed important stages. As the decisive moment approaches, we feel that [our] body 
has begun to
 spread in the security vacuum, gaining locations on the ground that will be the nucleus from which 
to launch and move out in a serious way, God willing.

Fourth: The Work Plan

After study and examination, we can narrow our enemy down to four groups.

1. The Americans

These, as you know, are the most cowardly of God’s creatures. They are an easy quarry, praise be to 
God. We ask God to enable us to kill and capture them to sow panic among those behind them and to 
trade them for our detained shaykhs and brothers.

2. The Kurds

These are a lump [in the throat] and a thorn whose time to be clipped has yet to come. They are 
last on the list, even though we are making efforts to harm some of their symbolic figures, God 

3. Soldiers, Police, and Agents

These are the eyes, ears, and hands of the occupier, through which he sees, hears, and delivers 
violent blows. God willing, we are determined to target them strongly in the coming period before 
the situation is consolidated and they control arrest[s].

4. The Shi`a

These in our opinion are the key to change. I mean that targeting and hitting them in [their] 
religious, political, and military depth will provoke them to show the Sunnis their rabies … and 
bare the teeth of the hidden rancor working in their breasts. If we succeed in dragging them into 
the arena of sectarian war, it will become possible to awaken the inattentive Sunnis as they feel 
imminent danger and annihilating death at the hands of these Sabeans. Despite their weakness and 
fragmentation, the Sunnis are the sharpest blades, the most determined, and the most loyal when 
they meet those Batinis (Shi`a), who are a people of treachery and cowardice. They are arrogant 
only with the weak and can attack only the broken-winged. Most of the Sunnis are aware of the 
danger of these people, watch their sides, and fear the consequences of empowering them. Were it 
not for the enfeebled Sufi shaykhs and [Muslim] Brothers, people would have told a different tale.

This matter, with the anticipated awaking of the slumberer and rousing of the sleeper, also 
includes neutralizing these [Shi`a] people and pulling out their teeth before the inevitable 
battle, along with the anticipated incitement of the wrath of the people against the Americans, who 
brought destruction and were the reason for this miasma. The people must beware of licking the 
honeycomb and enjoying some of the pleasures from which they were previously deprived, lest they 
surrender to meekness, stay on the[ir] land, prefer safety,, and turn away from the rattle of 
swords and the neighing of horses.

5. The Work Mechanism

Our current situation, as I have previously told you, obliges us to deal with the matter with 
courage and clarity and to move quickly to do so because we consider that [unless we do so] there 
will be no result in which religion will appear. The solution that we see, and God the Exalted 
knows better, is for us to drag the Shi`a into the battle because this is the only way to prolong 
the fighting between us and the infidels. We say that we must drag them into battle for several 
reasons, which are:

1 – They, i.e., the Shi`a, have declared a secret war against the people of Islam. They are the 
proximate, dangerous enemy of the Sunnis, even if the Americans are also an archenemy. The danger 
from the Shi`a, however, is greater and their damage is worse and more destructive to the [Islamic] 
nation than the Americans, on whom you find a quasi-consensus about killing them as an assailing 

2 – They have befriended and supported the Americans and stood in their ranks against the 
mujahidin. They have spared and are still sparing no effort to put an end to the jihad and the 

3 – Our fighting against the Shi`a is the way to drag the [Islamic] nation into the battle. We 
speak here in some detail. We have said before that the Shi`a have put on the uniforms of the Iraqi 
army, police, and security [forces] and have raised the banner of preserving the homeland and the 
citizen. Under this banner, they have begun to liquidate the Sunnis under the pretext that they are 
saboteurs, remnants of the Ba`th, and terrorists spreading evil in the land. With strong media 
guidance from the Governing Council and the Americans, they have been able to come between the 
Sunni masses and the mujahidin. I give an example that brings the matter close to home in the area 
called the Sunni Triangle -- if this is the right name for it. The army and police have begun to 
deploy in those areas and are growing stronger day by day. They have put chiefs [drawn] from among 
Sunni agents and the people of the land in charge. In other words, this army and police may be 
linked to the inhab
itants of this area by kinship, blood, and honor. In truth, this area is the base from which we set 
out and to which we return. When the Americans disappear from these areas – and they have begun to 
do so – and these agents, who are linked by destiny to the people of the land, take their place, 
what will our situation be?

If we fight them {and we must fight them}, we will confront one of two things. Either:

1 – We fight them, and this is difficult because of the gap that will emerge between us and the 
people of the land. How can we fight their cousins and their sons and under what pretext after the 
Americans, who hold the reins of power from their rear bases, pull back? The real sons of this land 
will decide the matter through experience. Democracy is coming, and there will be no excuse 

2 – We pack our bags and search for another land, as is the sad, recurrent story in the arenas of 
jihad, because our enemy is growing stronger and his intelligence data are increasing day by day. 
By the Lord of the Ka`ba, [this] is suffocation and then wearing down the roads. People follow the 
religion of their kings. Their hearts are with you and their swords are with Bani Umayya (the 
Umayyads), i.e., with power, victory, and security. God have mercy.

I come back and again say that the only solution is for us to strike the religious, military, and 
other cadres among the Shi`a with blow after blow until they bend to the Sunnis. Someone may say 
that, in this matter, we are being hasty and rash and leading the [Islamic] nation into a battle 
for which it is not ready, [a battle] that will be revolting and in which blood will be spilled. 
This is exactly what we want, since right and wrong no longer have any place in our current 
situation. The Shi`a have destroyed all those balances. God’s religion is more precious that lives 
and souls. When the overwhelming majority stands in the ranks of truth, there has to be sacrifice 
for this religion. Let blood be spilled, and we will soothe and speed those who are good to their 
paradise. [As for} those who, unlike them, are evil, we will be delivered from them, since, by God, 
God’s religion is more precious than anything and has priority over lives, wealth, and children. 
The best proof [of
this] is the story of the Companions of the Ditch, whom God praised. [Imam] al-Nawawi said that 
this story contained proof that, if the city and the desert fought each other until all without 
exception perished unless they professed belief in the oneness of God, this would be good. Persons 
live, blood is saved, and honor is preserved only by sacrifice on behalf of this religion. By God, 
o brothers, with the Shi`a, we have rounds, attacks, and dark nights that we cannot postpone under 
any circumstances. Their danger is imminent, and what we and you feared is most certainly a 
reality. Know that those [Shi`a] are the most cowardly of God’s creatures and that killing their 
leaders will only increase their weakness and cowardice, since with the death of one of their 
leaders the sect dies with him. It is not like when a Sunni leader dies. If one dies or is killed, 
a sayyid arises. In their fighting, they bring out courage and hearten the weak among the Sunnis. 
If you knew the fear [t
hat exists] among the Sunnis and their masses, your eyes would cry over them in sadness. How many 
mosques have been converted into Husayniyyas (Shi`i mosques), how many houses have they demolished 
on the heads of their occupants, how many brothers have they killed and mutilated, and how many 
sisters have had their honor defiled at the hands of these depraved infidels? If we are able to 
strike them with one painful blow after another until they enter the battle, we will be able to 
[re]shuffle the cards. Then, no value or influence will remain to the Governing Council or even to 
the Americans, who will enter a second battle with the Shi`a. This is what we want, and, whether 
they like it or not, many Sunni areas will stand with the mujahidin. Then, the mujahidin will have 
assured themselves land from which to set forth in striking the Shi`a in their heartland, along 
with a clear media orientation and the creation of strategic depth and reach among the brothers 
outside [Iraq] and t
he mujahidin within.

1 -- We are striving urgently and racing against time to create companies of mujahidin that will 
repair to secure places and strive to reconnoiter the country, hunting the enemy – Americans, 
police, and soldiers -- on the roads and lanes. We are continuing to train and multiply them. As 
for the Shi`a, we will hurt them, God willing, through martyrdom operations and car bombs.

2. – We have been striving for some time to observe the arena and sift the those who work in it in 
search of those who are sincere and on the right path, so that we can cooperate with them for the 
good and coordinate some actions with them, so as to achieve solidarity and unity after testing and 
trying them. We hope that we have made good progress. Perhaps we will decide to go public soon, 
even if in a gradual way, so that we can come out into the open. We have been hiding for a long 
time. We are seriously preparing media material that will reveal the facts, call forth firm 
intentions, arouse determination, and be[come] an arena of jihad in which the pen and the sword 
complement each other.

3 – This will be accompanied by an effort that we hope will intensify to expose crippling doubts 
and explain the rules of shari`a through tapes, printed materials, study, and courses of learning 
[meant] to expand awareness, anchor the doctrine of the unity of God, prepare the infrastructure, 
and meet [our] obligation.

5 (sic) – TheTiming for Implementation

It is our hope to accelerate the pace of work and that companies and battalions with expertise, 
experience, and endurance will be formed to await the zero hour when we will begin to appear in the 
open, gain control the land at night, and extend it into daylight, the One and Conquering God 
willing. We hope that this matter, I mean the zero hour, will [come] four months or so before the 
promised government is formed. As you can see, we are racing against time. If we are able, as we 
hope, to turn the tables on them and thwart their plan, this will be good. If the other [scenario] 
[happens] – and we seek refuge in God – and the government extends its control over the country, we 
will have to pack our bags and break camp for another land in which we can resume carrying the 
banner or in which God will choose us as martyrs for his sake.

6. What About You?

You, gracious brothers, are the leaders, guides, and symbolic figures of jihad and battle. We do 
not see ourselves as fit to challenge you, and we have never striven to achieve glory for 
ourselves. All that we hope is that we will be the spearhead, the enabling vanguard, and the bridge 
on which the [Islamic] nation crosses over to the victory that is promised and the tomorrow to 
which we aspire. This is our vision, and we have explained it. This is our path, and we have made 
it clear. If you agree with us on it, if you adopt it as a program and road, and if you are 
convinced of the idea of fighting the sects of apostasy, we will be your readied soldiers, working 
under your banner, complying with your orders, and indeed swearing fealty to you publicly and in 
the news media, vexing the infidels and gladdening those who preach the oneness of God. On that 
day, the believers will rejoice in God’s victory. If things appear otherwise to you, we are 
brothers, and the disagreement will
not spoil [our] friendship. [This is} a cause [in which] we are cooperating for the good and 
supporting jihad. Awaiting your response, may God preserve you as keys to good and reserves for 
Islam and its people. Amen, amen.

Peace and the mercy and blessings of God be upon you.

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