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[casi-analysis] Please do not quote large sections of past postings

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Dear list members,

Several recent messages to the list have included large portions of
previous postings.  Normally, this is because the poster has
just hit the reply button, causing the full text of the message being
replied to be quoted below the new text.  It may also be because
a large excerpt is quoted when replied to.

Please try not to do either of these.  List members who subscribe to
messages in 'digest form', receiving one large email with all of one day's
postings, will find it very hard to sort old from new content when old
messages are recycled in this way.  Besides which, it is wholly
unnecessary: all list members have anyway received the previous message,
and can anyway refer to the list archive. As the list posting guidelines,, state:

"When replying to specific points in someone else's email, it is common
to quote a few lines of their original email to provide context to your
comments. This can be useful practice, but please do not quote excessive
quantities of text in this manner. People can always refer to the
original message on the list archive."

Thank you!

Per Klevnäs
CASI Lists Manager.

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