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[casi-analysis] Fwd: Who is Hutton : Ireland, Pinochet, M15...

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Who Is Hutton? - revealing history

28.01.2004 22:50

A history of Hutton's life, from Bloody Sunday cover
up to Pinochet affair to Iraq war lies.

So Who the Hell is Hutton?
By Re-Sista! 28/1/04

Upon his resignation as BBC chairman Gavyn Davies
commented on the irreconcilable contradictions
between Hutton's "bald conclusions" and the balance
of evidence presented to the actual Inquiry.

Even BBC political editor Andrew Marr comments on
Huttons underlying assumptions and background,
making him more likely to believe and trust certain
social groups: "again and again, he comes down on
the side of politicians and officials."

So who is Hutton, and what is in his background to
come to these extraordinary conclusions? What has
lead to the reports extraordinary absolution of
Blair's war lies and attack on journalistic freedom?

The 72 year old Baron Hutton of Bresagh, County of
Down, North Ireland, is a classic representative of
the British ruling establishment. A member of the
Anglo-Irish elite, he was educated at Shewsbury all
boys boarding school, and then Balliol, Oxford,
before entering the exclusive club of the British
Judiciary. Whilst British Judges are overwhelmingly
conservative, upper class,white, male and biased,
Hutton's background is even more compromised.

His name will be familiar to residents of the Six
counties of Ulster. During the bloody thrity years
war Hutton was an instrument of British state
repression, starting in the late 1960's as junior
counsel to the Northern Ireland attorney general,
and by 1988 rising to the top job of Lord Chief
Justice of Northern Ireland.

Hutton spent his career as Judge and Jury in the
notorious northern Ireland kangaroo 'Diplock
Courts'. These were special non-Jury courts,
condemned by human rights advocates for their
miscarriages of justice. He was hated for this role
by the families of the many innocent catholics
wrongly convicted here.

Hutton distinguished himself after the Bloody Sunday
massacre of civil rights protesters in 1972. He
played a key role in the ensuing judicial cover-up
called the Widgery Inquiry which absolved British
troops of Murder. This miscarriage of justice is
only now being investigated by the current Saville

Then in 1978 he represnted the British Government
before the European Court of Human Rights, defending
it against a ruling that it abused and maltreated
detainees from the conflict.

However, he will be remembered in the rest of the UK
for his role in the 1999 Pinochet affair. Another
senior Judge, Lord Hoffman had contributed to the
decision to arrest and extradite the notorious
former dicator of Chile and mass murderer General
Pinochet during his visit to Britain.

As a law lord, Hutton led the rightwing attack on
Lord Hoffman, on the excuse that Hoffman's links to
the human rights group amnesty international
invalidated Pinochets arrest! Lord Hutton said
"public confidence in the integrity of the
administration of justice would be shaken" if Lord
Hoffman's ruling was not overturned.

More recently, Hutton was also involved in the
ruling that David Shayler, the former MI5 agent,
could not argue he was acting in the public interest
by revealing secrets.

This history of intimate links with, and knowledge
of Britains secret military intelligence operations
meant he could be a trusted pair of hands when it
came to the Kelly affair.

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