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[casi-analysis] Naomi Klein's article from the Guardian

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The article mentions Carole Basri as a (hopefully, not
"the") legal adviser to Bremer - out of curiosity I did
a search on the internet which reveals this interesting

A descendant of the esteemed Iny and Dangoor families
of Baghdad, Carole Basri is the Alternative
Representation to the United Nations of the World
Organization of Jews from Arab Countries (WOJAC), a
group dedicated to raising awareness for the nearly one
million Jewish refugees from Arab lands. Basri is an
adjunct law professor at the University of
Pennsylvania, and Executive Director of the Greater New
York Chapter of the American Corporate Counsel
Association. She has written and directed the
documentary short entitled, The Story of Frank Iny, a
film that studies the history of a prominent Iraqi
Jewish family, told from the perspective of their
American-born granddaughter.

Basri has lectured before the New York State Bar
Association and many other venues. Basri inspires
audiences with her insight on the Middle-Eastern roots
of the Jewish people and the 2,700 year-old existence
of the Jewish community of Iraq that predates Arab
conquest by over a millennium. She also teaches
participants that peace will only come between Israel
and its neighbors when Arab governments recognize the
role they played in driving out and dispossessing one
million Jewish refugees from Arab lands. “If you want
to discuss justice for Palestinian refugees,” observes
Basri, “then you must discuss justice for Jewish
refugees from Arab lands - they started no war and yet
were expelled from homes where they had lived for
nearly three millennia.”

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