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[casi-analysis] Proposed 'Nuremburg' Tribunal for Iraq

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IADL [International Association of Democratic Lawyers] decided to go
ahead with a Tribunal, utilizing the Draft Charter by Lennox Hinds,
already presented at the Istanbul meeting, with some minor revisions and
updates. The date aimed for is May or June of 2004, and the first choice
of venue is Nuremberg, Germany, with Barcelona as a second choice.

Because the Nuremberg location has great symbolic meaning, it is
anticipated that the location in itself will be a 'draw' for people and
organizations to get involved. IADL and its member jurists could
provide legal back-up for proceeding in accordance with judicial
standards, but its members also hope to join forces with those who have
proposed a German Tribunal, as well as to cooperate with, and be part of
the international tribunal effort now underway.

The IADL vision is for a formal, "legal" process, with international
teams of Prosecutors, respected Judges from various regions of the world
(who do not have to be lawyers), and accepted procedures for the
admission of evidence. Credible written data presented at other
tribunals, such as reports on the use of and effects of DU, could be
included as evidence.

The Arab Lawyers' Union (ALU), a regional affiliate of IADL, is a joint
organizer of this Tribunal, and the Tribunal's International Organizing
Committee includes the Presidents of the Bar Associations of Morrocco,
Syria, Iraq, Palestine, and Pakistan, along with lawyer-representatives
from France, Japan, Italy, Argentina, and the US.

The mechanics of fund-raising are still being discussed, as is a formal
indictment against those leaders who appear to be responsible for the
illegal invasion.

[Note--If anyone getting this message wants to review the current
version of the IADL Charter, or would like additional information,
please contact Gloria Bletter <>]

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