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[casi-analysis] Currency Crisis in Iraq?

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Dear friends in the UK,

A correspondent in Baghdad is reporting of a possible currency crisis in
Iraq at the very moment when the old Saddam dinar is being officially
retired (today, 1/15).  He resports widespread resentment about the
devaluing dinar among Iraqis.  At the same time, his figures are mixed up:
he says where before he could exchange one US dollar for 2000 dinars, he can
now only exchange one US dollar for 1000 dinars.  But this suggests a sharp
RISE in the value of the dinar!  Can anyone help us figure out what he is
talking about?


Mike Zmolek
Outreach Coordinator
National Network to End the War Against Iraq - The Grassroots Peace Network
301-270-4858 888-end-a-war

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