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[casi-analysis] Food riots? Never mind- Pepsi on the way!

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It does seem to me that the following announcement by PepsiCo Inc. is
incongruous given the current  needs in Iraq for food clean water.:

(1)   Iraqis riot over lack of work and food
In third day of protests, 400 Iraqis march on government building
January 13, 2004

[Food riots? Never- help is on the way.]

(2)  PepsiCo, headquartered in Purchase, N.Y., said Wednesday it has signed
an agreement with Baghdad Soft Drinks Co., Iraq's largest bottler, to make
and distribute Pepsi, 7-Up and other soft drinks in central Iraq by the end
of June.

[Oh right. Great use of the precious clean water in Iraq - mix it with sugar
and artificial flavorings and sell it back to the children]


(3)  US: PepsiCo announces increase in concentrate prices
12 Jan 2004

Source: editorial team

PepsiCo Inc. has announced a price rise for its carbonated soft-drink
concentrates. Starting on 1 February, Pepsi's concentrates will rise by 0.5%


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