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[casi-analysis] Fate of Iraqi SOEs

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I gather that in the new Iraq budget there are no funds for bailing out SOEs
in Iraq. But Bremer has claimed that privatisation is on hold. Are these
enterprises just to be left to go belly up with workers added to the already
large number of unemployed?And if privatisation is on hold what has happened
to all the
plans and planners of the privatisation? I suppose that the plans can go
forward and then be implemented by the new government with the planners as
guides as with the great Harvard project in the USSR.

   Cheers, Ken Hanly

 Here is a quote from the casi news

Last summer, L. Paul Bremer 3rd, the chief U.S. administrator in Iraq,
said at an economic forum in Jordan that Iraq would soon start
privatizing more than 40 government-owned companies. "Everybody knows we
cannot wait until there is an elected government here to start economic
reform," he said.

Now Bremer says repeatedly that such decisions must await Iraqi self-rule.

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