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[casi-analysis] New decree threatens civil liberties

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I've just been made aware through the email list of Un Ponte Per (Bridge
to [Iraq]) that decree no. 45, made by Bremer on the 27th of November, is
raising concerns among NGOs and advocacy groups because of restrictions it
places on both the development of Iraqi civil society and the functioning
of NGOs within Iraq (whether IRaqi or foreign.)

In the discussion of the decree by Un Ponte Per, they express concern that
various clauses within the decree (calling for such things as
official registration with the CPA of all NGOs or civil society
groups, or proof that groups come under certain categories
and not others) consitute a violation of the right of association and of
civil liberties in general, not to mention a violation of international
rules governing the behaviour of occupying forces.

[Un Ponte Per invites people to visit their website at,
where there is extensive analysis of the decree, but in Italian.]

The original decree is at

and at, you can send emails
directly to Governer Bremer to protest the content of this decree.

Perhaps the United Nations is also a good place to send emails of

Rachel Laurence

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